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May. 20th, 2009

Sooo I've been dating Tim for about a month and a week now. Holidays have come and gone. I had a whole week of textiles courses where I designed a really awsome trech-coat type jacket that I'm working on every Wednesday at school. The first Friday, Amanda asked if she could sleep over. I said yes, but I had a a doctors appoinment so it would be alittle tricky. She slept over, we stayed up late, I texted Tim alot, and he asked me out around midnight. Well, the week ealier he asked if I wanted to be a 'hook-up'. Its like dating, without the actual dating part. You know, hugging and kissing without the relationship. I said whatever, but we never actually 'hooked up' cause I was super busy with the whole Textiles thing.  The night Amanda slept over, I told him that I wanted to be more then a 'hook-up', and then he asked me out.

I was so buzzed. I'm pritty sure I fell asleep grinning. I discussed everything with Amanda, and filled her in on alot of stuff as she'd been in hospital the last week of school and I hadn't spoken to her during the textiles week. She was buzzed aswell because she'd met a guy called Patrick through one of her 'friends' and they'd been texting heaps. The next day, Saturday, I had that 'Make A Wish Foundation' thing for my community hours. I managed to drag Amanda along, but she ran off with Patrick after about an hour. The whole Foundation thing was alright. It was me, Laura, Nicole and Amanda (while she was with us) blowing up and tieing balloons. It was alot of fun untill the head woman's kids decided they wanted to 'help'. Man, those kids were annoying.

While we were at it, Tim decided he would come to the shops. That was so embarrousing. I didnt even notice him until Amanda pointed him out walking past. I swear, I wanted to die. Messy hair, incredibly oversized bright blue shirt hanging off me, jeans, blowing up balloons. God, he just laughed at me and said I looked cute. He walked over and started to talk to me. I was abit edgy, I usually am when I'm not used to talking to cirtain people. Then my dad turned up. I decided not to introduce them because I wasnt sure how long Tim would last. Anyway, about this time was when Amanda ran off. Tim went home, and he was texting me for awhile. The day finished, and Amanda still haddent returned, so I went looking for her. Found her tangled with Patrick, also found Sean. He brought me some food, I haddent eaten anything decent since breakfast, so he brought me some chips from his work. The four of us went to McDonalds untill the guy's bus came.

Me and Manda walked home, and helped set up my sisters party. Well, not really. The whole night we hid in my room with my music turned up really loud. We had to keep turning it up because everyone was getting drunnk, and they kept turning their music up. I was texting Tim all night aswell, untill he came onto MSN and we cammed for awhile. Then we got abit bored and went to the loungeroom and played Guitar Hero around midnight. People started leaving by then. I dont remember a whole lot after that.

I've been back at school for about three weeks now. Lastweek was mine and Tim's first month. He had a soccer game, I had assinments, we were gonna meet at the shops but he missed the bus. He didnt come online cause he went to the Speedway and got pissed. I didnt text him because he had no credit. Not the greatest day, but hey, we've lasted a month. He's really cute ar school. He walks to my path in the morning and walks me to school, and at schools he hugs me from behind or just stands with me. He's always holding my hands or just touching me. And he loves to kiss me. On Friday, he walked me home cause I wont see him for awhile. And then he texted me for about five hours.
Anyway, on Monday night, he texted me saying he was in hospital. Straight away, I was worried. He's abit out there. He always hurts himself.  Like, on friday he nearly was barbed by a stingray. Steve Irwin style. And just the other week, he was hit by a car. Turns out something is wrong with his appendix, they're just not sure what. Today is Wednesday. He was moved to Port Headland (2 hours away) yesterday. He may need an opporation, but they arn't sure yet. The doctors around here arn't exactly the best.

I'm hoping he'll be okay by the weekend, but I'm sure he wont. I'm going to Queensland for two weeks on Tuesday, so I wont see him for awhile. He's also got two weeks of work expirence when I get back, and I probebly wont be able to see him during those weekends because I'll be swamped with assinments as usual. I miss him already.

Da da-da da da~

Today was a good day. Started off good. Enjoyed my first class (Careers and Enterprise) as usual, and second (Maths) wasnt too bad. I was 'signed'. I am now a 'slave' to my friend Kane for four years, the contract is on my arm. I was also asked by four different people if I'd had a haircut, and chatted to Laura's boyfriend about the weather... From there, recess was fine. I sat alone most of it. But I chatted to my mates, so it was all good.

After wards, I had Life Skills.. which we never actually do anything in so Laura and I decided to go to the art room and work on our assinments. We were having fun, we had five minutes untill the fourth period siren when the bomb threat decided to ring. I left everything I was working on on the desk, grabbed my bag and bolted out the door dropping my phone in the process. There is now a crack in the bottom right corner.

Now, I love bomb threats. It means we dont have to do any work for an hour cause they drag us out to the oval untill they've searched every room. But this bomb threat has probebly been then best one so far. Mainly because I had alot of fun. I spent half an hour texting Tim and trying to shield myself from the sun, and grass (Some idiot was mucking with Amanda and they were having a grass war. She was lying in my lap listening to my music so ofcourse it went all over me). Then Tim decided to relocate to my group. He's got a thing with tapping me from behind, and messing up my hair. We started talking, then I complained about the sun, so he gave me his hat.

This, I was stunned about. Tim never takes off that hat. Never. And he gave it to me. (I used to have this whole big thing about stealing other peoples hats and wearing them. I was a weird youngin'). We sat talking for about twenty minutes, and then the 'all clear' was given and we went back to class. 'Course, I had to go back to the art room to clear my stuff, and then go to my next class which was in Tim's direction. I reluctantly gave him a hug, (he had wet hands from getting a drink), and he grabbed the hat back. Hmmph.

From there, I got into trouble for being late to my next class. I really hate that class. You'd think, Multimedia, computers, fun right? Not really. I got growled at for having sound on when I logged in. Wasnt my fault the idiot before me unmuted the computer! Grr. Ah well, I was still on a kind of 'high' from recieving Tim's hat.

The day wound down, lunch came and I was ditched by Amanda so she could have a smoke. I ended up going back up to the multimedia room cause most of my friends hang around up there. Tim came up in search of a computer and found me talking to my mate Sean. He decided to scared the crap out of me by grabbing me from behind and yelling 'rarr'. Jerrk. He ran off cause there wern't any computers left, but started texting me. He says some really sweet things sometimes.

Siren went, and I went to leave but ended up hugging three people, and then getting dragged off by some weird guy I dont know the name of while hugging Sean. (He likes me, Sean that is). I walked into my cooking class and immediatly my friend Chloe laughed at me because I had 'sex hair'. Its not my fault I straightened my hair and it got windy. Class was boring, wrote out alot of stuff for our assinment, and continued to text Tim. Left class after a small convosation about with stupid/silly movie sucked more (Epic movie won), and started walking home. Saw Sean, hugged Sean, found my home buddy and discovered I'd recieved a text from Tim two minutes earlier. He wanted a hug before I dissapeared. Awkardly walked home with home buddy (her name's Kate) while trying to share headphones. Didnt work.

Got home to an empty house, I was mega excited. I hadnt came home to an empty house for about a month! Kate said she'd bring popcorn over, its our little joke. Texted Tim for awhile, then watched Tv.

Good day. Bomb threat! I've got four days left of school untill Easter holidays. I dont get the first week off anyway, I've got an APEX design course that I've signed up for every day from 10 till 3.30, then the first Saturday I have 6 hours community service. Then I'm home free! Also, my sisters 20th birthday is on Friday. She's kinda freaking about.

Four days till holidays!

Apr. 2nd, 2009

Tim said he loves me.
Like, really loves me.


Scratch July, how about August?

Also, 'The Lovely Bones' by Alice Sebold; good book.

with hands held high into a sky so blue~

I'm gonna do something compleatly stupid and see how long my hair will grow until July.
Why is this stupid? Why July?

Well, this is stupid because of the temperatures I live in. Karratha. Read up about it and you will understand.
And why July? Because I was gonna wait until my school ball which would be on May 7th, but the date has now been changed to July 25th. And believe me, everyone is pissed.

So, currently, my hair is at my shoulders. It has grown about an inch since my last hair cut which was in late January.
Lets see how we go.
And crush has found a girlfriend.

Now I cant bare to look at him, let alone speak to him.

Crush is Tim by the way.
Now, does anyone remember an entry lastyear how I talked about my last day of school and going out with Laura and buying a pair of glasses? And I promised that I would get a picture?
Weeelll, after three months, Laura thought she would be nice and upload the pictures from that day.

So here's little old me, on the right. In my little school uniform which I still have to wear. And ofcourse, now I look compleatly different.
Non sono giusto.

I'm not okay.

we were so alive, we were so alive~

shelter me from this sky
dance with me one last time
sao paulo rain
sao paulo rain
Shot down by my crush today.